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Having a Will gives you inner peace that your last wishes will be respected. It is all too easy to put this to the back of your mind, this can cause issues for your loved ones after you have gone. 

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Norwich Will Writing

By not having a Will the destitution of your estate would be governed by the laws of intestacy. Meaning that your partner or spouse will not inherit everything that you own. Furthermore, your partner may not receive anything at all.
One of the benefits of having a will in place is that you appoint an executor that will be responsible for the dealing of the estate meaning that there will be no delays or hidden costs.
Your current Will maybe out of date and should be reviewed on a regular basis.
By contacting The Norwich Will Writing Co, we will ensure this is all in hand.

Lasting Powers
of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is the official document that will allow you to choose the person that you trust to make decisions on your behalf, about your financial affairs, property and your health and welfare in the future when you are no longer able or wish to make those decisions.
There are two type of Lasting Power of Attorney options:
Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney which will give your chosen person, the power to deal with your financial matters including bills, banks accounts, investments and savings.
Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney will cover decisions regarding your health and care. This type of Lasting Power of Attorney can only be used should you be incapable to deal with such matter yourself.
At The Norwich Will Writing Co we will guild you through these steps.

Funeral Plans

Today there are more people taking out Funeral Plans which protects them from increasing prices. By taking out a Funeral Plan you can take control by not leaving this liability on your loved ones. 
At The Norwich Will Writing Co we offer a wide range of plans allowing you to choose with you particular circumstances.

Estate Planning & Inheritance Tax

With Good Estate Planning we can help to migrate large inheritance tax liabilities when you pass away. The current nil rate band is set at £325,000 which is the amount that can be gifted with out paying inheritance tax, this also includes the assets that have been passed under your will.
Gifts between spouses are exempt from inheritance tax but if you are unmarried or single you could then incur issues particularly with the high increase with properties.
We recommend that couples with large estates are to seek professional advice.

Should you have a Life Policy in place, ensure that it has been placed in a trust!

Asset Protection Trusts are designed to protect your assets for future threats and claims and at the same time will reduce the probate costs.

This being a flexible trust where you are the trustee which enables you to move assets in and out of the trust.

 This trust is designed so that all your assets are available for use by your nominated beneficiaries which will protect you against children involved in divorce, irresponsible children, sideways disinheritance and potential care cost.

Document Storage

You will be surprised to learn that documents such as wills often can not be traced following someone’s death. We at The Norwich Will Writing Co strongly recommended that you do not allow this to happen to you. With The Norwich Will Writing Co document storage you can rest assure that your documentation is in good hands.  


The Norwich Will Writing Co Trust will provide you with that extra layer of security than if you were to make a Will alone.
Writing your Will is a vital step and a correct action but will only delegate you assests the time of your death.
With The Norwich Will Writing Co creating your Trust you will have ability to add or withdraw assets from your trust.


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